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Beamed to Earth at various points from the mid-60s to the mid-80s,  The Tuesday Club all have separate record collections. It makes for an interesting sound, which has been described as 'the Sex Pistols set to music' and 'If Roxy Music did The Rocky Horror Show, it would sound like this.' This is ... The Tuesday Club.

New Glamour



A newly recorded version especially for single release, New Glamour. With B-side, live cult classic Old Before Your Time. Watch the video, recorded at Paper Dress Vintage, Shoreditch, at

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"It's the Sex Pistols set to music!" - Charles Verrall

‘Ain’t’ Got No Class’ is an energy driven extravaganza and the five guitars, drums and keyboard sync dynamically, while the leggy Minx rattles her tambourine like a sabre and delivers backing vocals worthy of a standing ovation at The London Palladium.  Throw the lady a bouquet! - Joy Bells of Green Man

" a wanton orgy between Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias and The Tubes with extra devilry from Kitty Hudson." - The Ringmaster

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